I have the LCD installed in the poster and the setup is starting to come together.

Crunch weekend!

This weekend was the crunch weekend. I have two more units complete and working, for a total of three. I should have a forth ‘extended run’ version soon.

The poster came from the printers and I’ll have the LCD mounted in it this week and the final paper is near completion.

The finish line is near!

I only have a few weeks left before things need to be wrapped up, and I’m in good shape. The trifold poster will be here Tuesday. I need to build at least one more logger, would like to make at least two more. I am hopeful to do some trials at work this week. Aside from the I need to finish my paper and a presentation and present it!

Power BI Dashboard

A few quick updates….

Here is a link to a Power BI dashboard I made.  If I’ve logged data, it’ll appear in the dashboard.  Move the slider in the upper left-hand corner.

Second, I’ve been asked to present at GVSU’s Graduate Showcase on April 10th.  I’m very excited as this gives me an opportunity to dry-run my final presentation.

Lastly, graduation is only 35 days away.  I have a bit more work to do on building at least one more logger and try to run it down a product line.  Expect some updates soon!

The final countdown

I graduate in 47 days, which is exciting and scary all at the same time.  This past week I had a good review of my project with some influential leaders at work.  As a result I am making a few changes for the second datalogger to withstand certain environmental requirements and time requirements.

Aside from this minor change, I’m on track to having everything completed soon.  I need to complete the local storage failover, and pretty up the OLED display and web interface.  A stretch goal is if I manage to add some web-based configuration.

I have started my final paper and my poster for the poster presentations is nearly complete.  I hope to have the poster design complete this week and approved so I can send it off for printing and then implement the LCD display.

All the parts are here!

The last of the components arrived today, and I made this picture to represent everything that goes into one of these.  Keep in mind I am making a total of four units.  The last part is printing on the printer now and should be done by the time I get home from work tomorrow.  This weekend I’ll assemble prototype #2.


Just a quick update. The updated charge base is complete. I also added a 3d cube to the web interface to show positional data.